What You Need To Know About Black Men and White Women Dating

Black Men and White WomenWe all agree there have been significant steps made in blurring the color bar between white and black races. This accounts for the increased incidence of black men and white women dating in the 21st century. However despite the strides made over the years to overcome racial stereotypes myths still abound and still hold sway among a significant chunk of modern society. For white men and black women dating to succeed it is vital to debunk some of these myths. But just in case you are or want to be in the black men and white women kind of dating what myth related things should you know?

For a start, there is the myth that black men think white women are more submissive than their black counterparts. Whether this is true or false is neither nor there. The most important thing in a biracial relationship is mutual respect. Both of you must realize that you are partners in this and any one of you without the other there'll be no relationship. So black men should and many do get into this kind of dating expecting nothing else other than true love. The same can be said about the white women. Nobody scouts around to look for a man to submit to, it's not part of the expectations

On the same note, if either party thinks the submissive theory is true and acts the part the results can go either way. Both of you can perfectly fit into this box and willingly play the dominance and submissive roles because you understand and appreciate one another and are ready to accommodate one another's worldview. On the flip side if its only one partner who yields to this perception be ready for a rocky relationship.

On the one hand, there are those who explain the white woman's acceptance to date a black man as a sign of deeprooted daddy issues. According to this myth when you agree to date a black man it's your psychological way of hitting back at daddy for whatever real or perceived wrongs he is supposed to have done to you. But stories abound of white women who've been their daddies' super pets and still ended up dating and even marrying black men. So this myth too is nothing but hot air.

What about this other perception that white women date black men because the white women think they are better than black women? Well, have ever heard of an interracial dating competition? The last time we was checked there was no such competition whether online or offline. So never let this kind of perception by your erstwhile friends and society in general throw spanners into your dating life. You are dating a human being only that he has a different skin color.

When this kind of interracial dating takes place the reason is not that either of the dates has had any bad experiences with their race of birth. Black men don't have to have had a nasty experience with their fellow black people for them to date white women.

The same is true of the white women. Bad experiences know no race. How many times have you been more than pissed off by people of your own race not to mention family? Inter-racial dating is not a get-even scheme. It is dating just like any other dating.

The society's collective imagination can be strange to a fault. There is this unspoken idea that white women opt to date black men because they are easy to get. This beats logic given the fraction of black men relative to the entire populations of western countries.

Take the US for instance. Black people constitute less than 15% of the American population, which means there are approximately 22 million black men in the US. Half of these are black children, now that leaves about 11 million men. Cut out the transgender and black gay men and the figure comes down to about 9 million. But these 11 million men have to single, emotionally available and meet your standards.

If you factor in the married men and the elderly you are left with a grossly insignificant number of black men to around. In a nutshell, getting a black man in such a demographic environment is not what anyone would call easy. If white women were looking for an easy way to get a man to date black men would be low on the list.

These are just some of the myths and fallacies that complicate interracial dating in this country and beyond so if you want to succeed in your black man and white woman dating know and debunk these and other similar myths and press on with your love life.

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