Mixed Dating: 4 Qualities Every Black Man Wants In A White Woman

mixed dating

Certain niches work quite different than traditional dating. One such niche is mixed dating where it's a partnership between two races and likely backgrounds. Though this isn't necessarily that different in the overall foundation, there are some significant differences when it comes to what a man is looking for.

A black man may not necessarily want the same things as a white man, and so you need to be sure you understand upfront. If you are a woman looking to date a black man, then you want to be certain that you possess these characteristics. If you are a black man then you want to be focused on these criteria that inevitably come up. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and when it comes to mixed dating then it can prove to be very different.

Though there are plenty of mixed dating scenarios, black men are often looking for something very specific. Understanding what these four qualities are can help him to get what he wants and help a woman to know what he's searching for.


Though all men most definitely want a confident woman, this is particularly important in this mixed dating scenario. Black men want a woman that is confident and sure of herself. She also needs to be confident in what she wants and therefore embrace the relationship.


She needs to be fun, somewhat chill, and upbeat. She also needs to show that she recognizes her self worth and that she wants a man who sees her value. Her positive and self-loving attitude is a perfect complement to her confidence. He loves it!

A True Physical Attraction

This is one of the ways that mixed dating can show big differences. A black man wants a woman that is attractive but in a different way. He wants a woman with curves and that is sexy enough to show them. He is attracted to a woman who looks like a woman and who keeps things interesting.

Honesty and Support

Sure it's always important but within this niche of mixed dating, it matters greatly. He needs to know that he can trust you and count on you. He may have some real-life experiences and he wants you to stand with him. He can tell from early on if you are the type of woman that is honest and who will support him.

Mixed dating is a bit different when it comes to finding a good match. Though the criteria may be different, everyone wants that true match and lasting relationship. If you focus on these four qualities and know how to show them, then it will make for two very happy people together in the end.

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