White Women Are Fantasizing About Black Men

White Women Looking for Black MenThe interracial dating scene has become more accepted over recent years.  Depending on your neighborhood and demographics, there seem to be more white women looking for black men.  But is this idea true or is it just an impression?

Questioning this idea has been taken up by multiple individuals on both sides of the rice aisle. There are those that compare white men to black men and black women to white women. Their viewpoints rationalize this idea is very interesting and surprising ways.

When comparing black men to white men, black men seem to have an edge on a variety of traits. These traits affect their attractiveness to both black women and white women. One reason that black men are more attractive is that they are in better physical shape. Insert the myth of exactly what physical shape the black man may be in. Women who perceive this physical superiority will lead to better protection.

Another way that white men are lacking is that white men have let ideas of feminism affect them in a variety of ways. One analysis of this perspective is that white women are looking for a position of authority in a mate. This is why white women are looking for black men.

Both white women and black women have taken notice of this increase in interracial dating. Some black women are upset that they are losing their mates to women of a different race.

To explain the scene of white women black men dating, a variety of reasons have been postulated. These reasons include that white women have low self-esteem and believe that they will only be desired by black men. This is directly related to physical body type.

Yet, other viewpoints have gathered that white women do have some advantages over women of other races. White women are thought to be more feminine. White women are thought to not bring as much drama to the relationship. White women are also thought to stroke the ego of their men. One website identified a trend in which black mean dated black women before success and dated or married white women after becoming successful.

Of course, there are critics on both sides of this. Criticizers point out that each race should procreate within their race to maintain the bloodlines. It has also been argued that people should convince their friends and family members to not date outside of their race. But, there is also a point in which a couple may come together for different reasons and the interracial component may completely disappear.

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