5 Tips for Black Men Who Want to Date White Women

Black MenThough at the face of it inter-racial discrimination appears to have gone down in the US and other countries the fact of the matter is that inter-racial dating is still faced with numerous challenges. This is especially true when dating is between black men and white women. Some factors account for this. Racial stereotypes, though not always explicitly expressed are still present in society. For instance, on the one hand, there is the perception that black men have an ego problem and so they date white women to soothe their egos.

According to this perception, doing so makes black men feel special because white women are dating them. On the other hand, there is a perception that white women agree to date black men for what they are thought capable of doing in bed. While we don't want to go into the whole list of perceptions, attitudes, and stereotypes it's important for a black man to appreciate that these psychological realities do come into play. For this kind of interracial dating to succeed both parties, men and women have to play their cards right. For now, our focus is on what can black men do or not do for these relationships to succeed?

5 Tips for Black Men Who Want to Date White Women

  • 1. Work on your self-esteem
  • Granted, the black man has been the object of the greatest racial vilification in the US and beyond. You might be dating a white woman out of the desire to be perceived and treated equally to and by the white men the truth is that it is only the two of you, you and your date that are in the relationship. No white woman will be comfortable dating someone whose self-esteem is an all-time low. Work on your self-esteem and see the man in you not the color of your skin. For all, it takes what the others think about you is their business. If your woman is happy the rest can follow.

  • 2. You are dating a human being not a skin color
  • As much as you want to date a white woman remembers she is a human being. When you go dating you have your reasons why you opted to date this person and like it or not at some point the true motivations behind dating a white woman will show. While it is true there are valid reasons that make white women attracted to you remember there is the person beneath that white color. Get to understand the lady, her personality and the great qualities that make her truly remarkable. It is these qualities that add to the color of her skin to produce the soul mate you have always longed for. But on the flip side as we shall see later you still have to remember she is a white woman, more of that later.

  • 3. Work on the attributes that endear black men to white women
  • There is no doubt about this; there are some compelling attributes that attract white women to black men. Take time to know what it is about you that your white date loves most. It won't break a bone to ask her what areas she feels requires improvement. This shows the relationship is not just about you but rather you are mindful of her wants and preferences. Maybe it's because you are more physically fit than her white brethren or is it because you are keen to learn something new every day? Whatever the reason make it your duty to perfect your performance in areas she is interested in.

  • 4. Remember she is a white woman all the same
  • You'll be excused if you think this tip is contradicting our earlier tip where we said don't focus on the skin color. There we were referring to the human being in her and the need to see beyond the skin color of your date. In tip number 4 we are referring to the perceived emotional and behavioral attributes of white women. These women are said to be more feminine than black women and that they generally bring less drama to your life.

    So if you have dated black women before be ready for a paradigm shift. Know you are dealing with a more feminine person this time around and treat her accordingly. There is a perception that white women like being pampered and shown more affection compared to black women. So if you handle your white date the same way you handled black women in the past you might just kiss you're dating goodbye.

  • 5. Be realistic about your sexual expectations
  • While not every dating ends up in bed it's advisable to be realistic when it comes to what to expect from a white woman. There is this idea among black men that white women are more adventurous in bed than black women and that white women will take you to fantasy land thanks to her sexual prowess. This notion is not necessarily true. Every woman has her unique sexual appetite and this more to do with her personality than it does with her race.

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