The Attraction Between White Women And Black Men

White Women Black MenStudies have shown a significant rise in interracial romantic relationships in the United States and Europe. This era has seen white women black men becoming more attracted to each other. In 1970, a certain study, reported by Stanford University found that there were 65,000 marriages between white women and black men. By 2005, the number grew to 422,000.

What is the reason for this growth? According to experts, the decline in social prejudice towards interracial marriages has been a major factor. Others believe there are four main reasons for the attraction between white women and black men. They include; The appearance of the partner; Shared interests; Similar entertainment interests; Socio-economic similarities.

Of all the points cited here, sexual attraction may be the primary reason for white women been attracted to black men. The choice, according to experts lies mainly with the woman, as she has to accept or refuse a proposal. Since compatibility and sexual satisfaction are essential, her happiness will depend on how much satisfaction she can derive from her man romantically.

Many white women in interracial relationships have reported more satisfaction sexually and emotionally. This may sound bias to an extent, but there is evidence to back up the claim. According to a study conducted by Research Gate (a study group based in the US), people in interracial relationships (white women black men) reported significantly higher satisfaction from the affair.

One common misconception regarding the growth in interracial romantic relationships is the claim that black men have better libido than their counterparts. This is a wrong notion at best as libido can not be generalized. However, the fact that most white women believe black men have a better libido has strongly influenced the growth of white women and black men relationships.

It is important to note that while the number of white women attracted to black men has grown significantly; statistical data shows that it isn't the same in white men and black women. The question is, what is the reason for this development? Can the rise of racial attraction (between white women black men) be attributed to the human hormones produced and transported in the blood to stimulate certain cells into sexual behavior? What is the cause of the urge to engage in sexual intercourse?

The role of hormones in sexual urges has posed challenges to experts and researchers alike. Different theories have come up over the years. However, further investigation into the issue revealed that sex and medical experts haven't taken the time to relate the role of hormones regarding why white women are becoming more attracted to black men than black women to white men. However, it is safe to conclude that sexual appeal and compatible are the major reasons for this trend.

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